We Train Everyone

Because each client is unique, we offer several training methods to make a fit, healthy lifestyle work for you. Below you will find our 4 most popular types of training we offer.


See what sets Training Domain’s Personal Training Program Apart From Other Places

Training Domain is a family owned, full service Personal Training Facility specializing in weight loss through strength training, meal planning, and accountability for all ages and ailments.  No fad diets, no drugs, no pills, no gimmicks JUST PROVEN RESULTS.

Personal Training

Every time you come to Training Domain you will be personally trained.   Our clients come anywhere from two times a week to six times a week depending on their program.  Workouts are 45 minutes.  We sell our personal training packages by sessions or monthly unlimited sessions (up to 6 days a week).  We also run numerous specials throughout the year.   Your workout will be centered around STRENGTH TRAINING. We will show you what to do, how to do it, and make sure you are lifting with proper form (safety).   Your workouts will continually change giving you a great variety of lifts, techniques, sets and reps and most of all giving you a skill you can use the rest of your life.

IF YOUR GOAL IS WEIGHT LOSS and you are using the gym as your primary tool for weight lose STOP!  Your efforts will never match the results you are wanting.  You are setting yourself up for failure.  You must change your eating habits and portions.


“I eat healthy”. “I’m stuck at this weight”. “The scale will not move”.  We hear this at almost every consultation. Eating healthy and eating for weight loss are totally two different things. You have to eat the right types of food at the right times and the right amount, and put it into a system that produces weight loss.    Bulk cooking and meal planning play a HUGE part in the weight loss process.  We will show you how this process works and fits into YOUR schedule. .


You will be held accountable for your personal training sessions by scheduled appointments. We are very flexible if appointments need to be changed. Once you have decided to join us we will go over the food program in detail.  We will then look over and discuss your food journals each time you come in for a training session and weigh you weekly.   We will initially get a before photo and measurements and will get updated photos and measurements as you lose.     




Personal Circuit Training Class at Training Domain differs in details of cost and time frames in Morton and Peoria.
 For Morton call 309.266.6700.  For Peoria call 309.657.8590

Cost includes: strength training, teaching of proper lifting technique, cardio, meal planning, food journaling, weekly weigh-ins, photos, measurements, and ACCOUNTABILITY!

No membership/contracts or initiation fees required



H.I.T (High Intensity Training) -Morton Only


Classes held every Mon, Wed, 6:15PM & Sat at 9AM

60 min classes

Cost: $125.00 for 8 weeks or

$75.00 Punch Card for 8 sessions.

$100.00 extra for food program.

H.I.T. will cover a variety of strength training, cardio, core and plyos.  Workouts will change every session. If you are not in great shape this class can help you get there, if you are in great shape this class will get you in better shape. You will find that this group class is creative, high energy, challenging, motivational and fun. YOU WILL BE PUSHED.

To sign up or for questions please call Marnie at 370-2992