Herbed Scrambled Egg Sandwiches on Whole-Kernal Rye Toast

  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 Tbl. water
  • 2 teas. minced sun-dried tomato (drained and patted dry if oil packed)
  • 1 teas. minced chives
  • 1 teas. minced parsley
  • 1 teas. minced tarragon
  • Pinch freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 teas. extra-virgin olive oil
  • 4 (1 oz.) slices whole-kernel rye bread, toasted

In large bowl, whisk together eggs, water, tomato, chives, parsley, tarragon, and pepper.

Heat the olive oil in a small skillet over med-high heat.   Add egg mixture and cook, stirring, until eggs are set to desired degree of doneness.

Lay 2 slices of toast on a plate and place half the eggs on each slice.

Top with remaining 2 slices of toast.  Cut each sandwich in half and serve hot.

Makes 2 servings.