Yoga meets you where you’re at. But stay open to the understanding that the more you do yoga, doors open, and the invitation is to simply explore.
— Seane Corn

Yoga 101: The Basics

60 Minute Yoga class

Class Meeting Times:

  • Tuesday in Peoria 945am
  • Thursday in Morton 615pm
  • Tuesday in Morton 615pm
  • Thursday in Peoria 945am

If there is a interest in Sat class in Peoria we will add it at 630am


Aubriana Sturdivant |


Pranayama breathing exercises and meditation- 5 minutes Vinyasa yoga- 45 minutes Closing postures/stretches and mediation- 5 minutes


From the perspective of the student the aim should be to incorporate these basic principles, to help manage one’s well being mentally and physically, on and off the mat.


  • By the end of these five weeks, students will: Learn the chakra system by incorporating Hatha yoga to renew, invigorate, and heal the body - stretching and toning the muscles, joints, and spine and directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs (including the glands and nerves).
  • Hatha Yoga- The most associated type of yoga that is common among western teachings. This has to do with the physical movements, postures, and connecting the breath to those movements.

Course Plan

  • First week- Root (Muladhara) and Sacral (Svadhisthana)
  • Second week- Solar Plexus(Manipura) and Heart(Anahata)
  • Third week- Throat(Vishuddha) and Third Eye(Ajna)
  • Fourth week- Crown(Sahasrana)
  • Fifth week will end with a set of sequences building up into intermediate with asanas from each previous week.

Each week we’ll be focusing on these energy centers and getting more attuned to our natural body.


Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years. Throughout this time, many teachers and students have exchanged information and passed it down for the next generation to study and practice. With this course, I hope to share the knowledge of getting to “Know Thyself”. Starting with the fundamentals, this information will help join body and mind together on a path of self-exploration, leading to a unifying experience. Yoga in Sanskrit means union, join, yoke. Regardless of your cultural background, the objective of self is to become one- unified. Yoga transcends societal structures and that is the beauty of this movement. No matter your beliefs, knowledge of self will open the doors, to lead you back to that inner child who is brimming with curiosity and the power to be authentically you.

Instructor Bio

Spontaneous, honest and authentic to herself—Aubriana engages with love. Helping others with yoga is one of the most ultimate ways she expresses her love. Yoga has been a part of Aubriana’s life for the past two years and will be for the rest of her life. Fully committed to this life long journey, she can’t wait to share the experience with you!


Always respect your body and know your limits. Be certain of your physical abilities and limitations before attempting any yoga pose. There will be modifications for certain asanas that will be shown before the starting sequence.


This course is committed to providing an atmosphere for learning that respects diversity. While working together to build this class I ask all students to:

  • Be open to the views of others
  • Honor the uniqueness of their classmates
  • Appreciate the opportunity that we have to learn from each other in this class
  • Use this opportunity together to create an enriching environment

Course Schedule*

Date Chakra Focus
Class 1 Root
Spine stretches and
Foot grounding techniques
Class 2 Sacral
Hip opening and Fluid
Class 3 Solar Plexus
Core and Balance
Class 4 Heart
Chest opening and Shoulder
Class 5 Throat
Affirmations and Connection
Class 6 Third Eye
Expanding meditation and
Class 7 Crown
Strong foundation and
Opening the crown
Class 8 Crown
Strong foundation and
Opening the crown
Class 9 Root to Crown Full integration
Class 10 Root to Crown Full integration

*Classes not shown: Saturday Free Flow’s



  • $69.00 for 5-week yoga package (2x) a week for personal training clients only
  • $89.00 for non member for five week yoga package (2x) a week
  • $12.00 pop in rate


Questions? Ready to sign up?

Any questions regarding the content of the yoga classes direct to Aubriana at 550-0202.

For scheduling contact Mark at 657-8590.