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Why Training Domain?

Is This For You?

  • Are you intimidated by the Gym Setting?

  • Tried “it” before and “it” didn’t work?

  • Don’t have the time?

  • Need accountability?

  • Are you confused about what you should eat?

  • Are you using food as your comfort?


Then I encourage you to contact us! Everything we talk about is completely confidential. Most personal training programs include zero discussion regarding food intake and accountability; however, I feel that you cannot obtain the best results without looking at both pieces to the puzzle. We are all beautiful sculptures; but just as a sculpture was created, we too must chip and chisel away at our structure. My philosophy is that by setting small 5 lb goal increments and discussing measurements about how to resist temptations that are SO prevalent in our everyday lives, we can “chip away” at our beautiful sculpture.

I do NOT believe in diets. I believe we must change our way of life! Diets do not work, pills do not work, doing hours of cardiovascular training does not work and neither does looking at the back of labels! There is, however, a way that works! I believe we are more likely to act our way into feeling than to feel our way into action. If you have a desire, lean on me for encouragement and together let’s act our way into results.


Training for Everyone.


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“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great