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Personal Training/Accountability

Training Domain is a family owned and operated, full service Personal Training Facility. We specialize in weight loss through strength training, meal planning, and accountability for all ages and any type of ailment. Every time you come to Training Domain you will be personally trained. We will show you what to do, how to do it, and make sure you are lifting with proper form (safety). Your workouts will continually change, giving you a great variety of lifts, techniques, sets, reps, and most of all, giving you a skill you can use the rest of your life. We incorporate free weight, kettle bells, plyos, cardio, balance, and yoga to provide a challenging workout, customized to your ability. Our clients come anywhere from two times a week to six times a week depending on their program. You will experience a 45 minute to 75 minute workout, depending on pace and program. We have session-based packages and time-based packages. We also run numerous specials throughout the year. Pricing and details will be discussed at the time of consultation. 

You will be held accountable for each personal training session that you are scheduled for.



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